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The African Diamonds Trilogy charts the journey of a fortune in fabulous Angolan diamonds smuggled out of Africa in 1975 after the Portuguese revolution and the bloody liberation of its colonies. A deadly journey that continues for four decades across many continents, culminating with heroine Jenny Bishop, her family and loved ones fighting against murderous vengeance, greed, corruption and deceit that threatens to engulf them all.

Based on historically factual events, the three books immerse the reader in deeply researched and cunningly plotted adventures from Angola & Brazil; The Angolan Clan, through Rwanda & South Africa; The Rwandan Hostage, to the Middle East & Russia; The Dark Web


1975: After the Revolution of the Carnations, Portugal is transformed into a communist state. Capitalists are ruthlessly persecuted and the liberated Portuguese colony of Angola is thrust into one of the bloodiest civil wars in history. The fabled Angolan diamond mines are closed down, but not before a group of refugees escape with a hoard of the precious gems. Their lives promise wealth and success, but a legacy of revenge and greed will eventually find them all, with fatal consequences...


The Rwandan Hostage is the second volume of Christopher Lowery's African Diamonds Trilogy and continues the tale of corruption, murder and greed that began with the bestselling The Angolan Clan. Heroine Jenny Bishop is back with a vengeance! The abduction of her nephew at the world cup final in South Africa brings to light a long-hidden event in her sister's history, which heralds a terrifying threat to the lives of her closest family...

The Dark Web

The Dark Web, is a breathless race against time to prevent deadly threats against our known world. When a computer scientist dies mysteriously in Dubai, Jenny Bishop's nephew, Leo Stewart, is hired to replace him. Leo's life is soon in danger, but he is the only person who can find the key to prevent an impending global cyber-attack.



As with his bestselling African Diamonds trilogy, Christopher Lowery combines detailed factual events with a gripping multi-stranded plot, whose topicality is inescapable. From North Africa through Eastern and Western Europe, The Mosul Legacy confronts the reader with the devastating truth behind today’s newspaper headlines.


Character profiles

Jenny Bishop

A no-nonsense, practical young woman from the North-East of England who is widowed, apparently by a hit and run accident....


Leo Stewart

Jenny’s nephew Leo shows the same qualities of survival as his aunt and refuses to go quietly...


Detective Espinoza

A Spanish police detective, with a suspicious mind and the capabilities to test his suspicions...

Great book - loved the blend of history and thriller. The author is clearly an expert in Africa’s turbulent history and the quality of detail and characterisation made it a compelling read
— Big Book blogging